EXCAPE at Work

‘If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work”

-  Ari Weinzweig

Employee wellness is essential to business and organisational success. It impacts on a workplace’s culture, on its resources and productivity and, ultimately, its bottom line. Consequently, how employees are feeling, both mentally and physically, is a fundamental foundation for business growth, stability, strength and sustainability.

Failing to take time to create a happy and healthy workplace can put employees at risk of absenteeism, high stress levels and a decrease in productivity. It’s for these reasons that investing in workplace wellness has become a common and growing trend.

At EXCAPE, we believe that the importance of employee wellbeing is about proactively encouraging and promoting healthier lifestyles and attitudes by creating an environment where employees feel confident and supported. 
We’ve introduced our Excape at work programmes that we can deliver easily and reputably to ensure your employees are in their best shape, physically and mentally. 

Corporate Wellness Programmes

At EXCAPE, we know the importance of a healthy, happy and enriched workplace. We want YOU to discover it too. We are here to provide your employees with the tools they need to take ownership of their health and wellbeing to become stronger, fitter and healthier versions of themselves in the process. 

Our Corporate Wellness Programmes are customised to suit your employees, bringing a renewed holistic, challenging and community based approach to employee health and wellbeing with step by step programmes and guidance through a platform which is best suited to you and your company. Whether this is on our very own EXCAPE App, through an Online Facebook support community or via email. Whether it’s a 30 day group challenge or all year round guidance and support, our Corporate Wellness programmes include: 

Energetic and fun home workouts, to be completed anywhere, at any time. These workouts bring flexibility and simplicity and are suitable for all levels of employee fitness and lifestyles with full video demonstrations and minimal equipment needed. 
Sustainable fitness routine through learning new exercises and creating an effective and enjoyable fitness routine, healthy habit building and lifestyle hacks, promoting and improving areas such as daily activity, sleep quality, water intake etc..
Nutrition guidance Healthy tips and snacking tricks; Recipe ideas; Optional macro management.
Accountability trackers Enables employees to monitor and keep track of their individual progress.
Community support: Employees work as part of a team to support, motivate and challenge each other throughout increasing success rate through encouragement from peers
Direct communication with an EXCAPE Coach to interact, support and assist you as you prioritise your employee wellness journey

Wellness Educational Seminars

Employee wellness training encourages workers to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles – or at least take the first steps toward learning about healthy alternatives.Our Wellness Education Seminars are designed to help participants decipher between truth and trends so that they can better manage their physical and mental stress, feel confident in the decisions they’re making and learn how to balance a healthy life with a busy work and home life schedule. 

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Our wellness education seminars are individual to the needs and lifestyles of your staff, but will target the areas of health and wellbeing that we feel enhance the overall standard of living for employees and in turn, promote an effective and enriching work-life balance in your company. By introducing our seminars, you put the power in your employees hands to educate and upskill themselves to be in control of their own physical and mental health. 

The areas addressed in our Wellness Education Seminars can range from: 

Health as a whole; 
Exercise and Nutrition for the general population; 
Exercise and Nutrition for optimal performance; 
Nutrition in the workplace; 
Enhancing and optimizing sleep quality; 
Understanding energy balance and the importance of activity levels,
Effects of stress and promoting an optimal work-life balance
to name just a few. 

Providing your employees with the step by step guidance and the direct support they need to transform their health and wellbeing is an invaluable gift which they will reap the rewards from over a lifetime by becoming more knowledgeable in their ability to become fitter, healthier and stronger versions of themselves. Speak to our dedicated EXCAPE team today and let us discover the individual and most effective approach to enhance the standard of your workplace, optimise your company’s potential and transform the health, wellbeing and happiness of YOU and your employees

Speak to our dedicated EXCAPE team today and let us discover the individual and most effective approach to enhance the standard of your workplace, optimise your company’s potential and transform the health, wellbeing and happiness of YOU and your employees.