Small Group Personal Training

At EXCAPE, high performance meets community values. EXCAPE constantly ask themselves the same questions around how an industry and a lifestyle they cherish could find itself so tarnished by a one-size-fits-all model.

A model which has no room for education, guidance or community. How monetary gains, either through elitist personal training costs, or mass over-subscription approaches, could become so overwhelmingly valued over the vocation of bringing health, wellness, confidence and awareness to a community of like minded people.

Would you like to reap the benefits and attention to detail of 1-1 coaching but in a supportive and motivating community dynamic and for 1/6 of the price of Personal Training?

If so, Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) could be the perfect fit for YOU. At EXCAPE, we offer you a uniquely personal approach that allows us to deliver the detail of 1-1 coaching but in a friendlier, more supportive and motivating setting. Our members have  proven that surrounding yourself with other members, who are on their own goal journeys and are experiencing the everyday challenges of home and work life, helps you to push yourself and give the extra 10% you didn’t know you had. We want to bring expert coaching to general population in an affordable way.
EXCAPE Foundation Programme
Come to EXCAPE Clontarf and try out everything we have to offer. Consultation, Body Composition Testing Before and After your trial, and 12 Small Group Personal Training Sessions included.

12 Credits - Valid for 6 Weeks
12 Credits - Valid for 6 Weeks
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EXCAPE is a team of industry leading professional coaches with years of experience — dedicated to helping you get results. When you join EXCAPE Clontarf, you’re not just a number, you are provided with accountability, guidance, support and motivation from professionals who know how to make it happen.

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Join the journey today. A simple, thoughtful and purposeful journey, inspired by you and one which EXCAPE want you to be a part of.
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1 to 1 Personal Training

1 to 1 Training
Working out can be challenging. It can take a serious amount of determination to turn up and focus the mind to reach your goals. Having your very own EXCAPE Coach by your side can really eliminate decision fatigue and help to provide the structure on your fitness, encourage you and hold you accountable as you improve your health and overall fitness. 

Whilst Small Group Training is our primary focus at EXCAPE, as we believe it is most effective for our members, we do offer 1-1 personal training, a great fit for busy professionals and people who require a more customised approach and are interested in 100% personal attention. 

With our 1-1 Personal Training you will have a dedicated coach who will:

- Create a goal orientated fitness regime that will support and encourage you on your fitness journey.
- Offer invaluable coaching and advice to help you perfect your exercise technique and minimise risk of injury.
- Support you & hold you accountable as you reach your goals
- Find a routine that works with your lifestyle and ensuring you’re spending your time at the gym wisely.
- Set realistic targets so that you’re motivated to do and achieve more