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FREE EXCAPE Fat Loss eBook

EXCAPE’s new and improved Fat Loss eBook is the perfect addition to your weight loss toolkit.

Whether you are only getting started on your weight loss journey, you’ve tried to lose weight to no avail, or are struggling to lose those last few pounds, this eBook can provide you with the help and information you need to succeed.

This is a simple and practical guide, providing you with everything you need to know about losing fat, in a safe and effective way.

There are many pillars that contribute to an individual’s overall health. For optimal health, one must consider all aspects of Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep. These are known as the ‘Three Pillars of Health’ and are all of equal importance when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Poor Nutrition and lifestyle habits are becoming increasingly common amongst the general population and this eBook is designed to help you make the changes you need to lose fat, and transform your habits around food for the better. Nutrition can be one of the most overwhelming topics when it comes to Fat Loss, but also a crucial element.

‘You cannot out-train a bad diet’ and therefore, if you are serious about making a change, and losing fat, you need to focus on what you are putting into your body on a daily basis.

‘The Wheel of Life’ is a very effective visual tool which helps us to understand the different areas of our life that we must take care of, to ensure a healthy life balance.

You may notice that you are devoting a lot of time and resources to one area, and neglecting another. Reviewing each area of the wheel can help an individual to identify the areas that may need more attention.

This eBook can give you the information and tools you need to take away that extra energy and time you may otherwise devote to getting lost in the copious amounts of information available, telling you the best way to lose fat, and ensure you are putting it to the best possible use in other areas.

‘The Wheel of Life’ is made up of the Physical environment; Business/ Career; Finances; Health; Family and Friends; Romance; Personal Growth; Fun and Recreation. This eBook, if used correctly, can help you to significantly optimise the area of Health.

However, along with the health benefits associated, losing fat for many people, can also lead to positive transformations in many more of these aspects. Losing fat is more than just a number on the scales or a smaller trouser size, it can lead to improvements in all areas of your life.

With a large amount of misleading information available at our fingertips today, it can be confusing for many people as to where is the best place to start. We don’t have to look far to find the next ‘fad diet’ or ‘30 day skinny tea’ and with all the fancy language and promised results attached to these, the core principle of Fat Loss can get lost.

In reality, Fat Loss is determined by one very simple principle, which this eBook will help you to understand.

This eBook is created with YOU in mind and it aims to:

● Simplify the principles of Fat Loss
● Discuss the ins and outs of Fat Loss, and how it occurs
● Educate you with evidence based information
● Provide you with practical tips to assist your daily choices surrounding food

You will finish this eBook with a better understanding of the core elements of Fat Loss (energy balance, energy expenditure, portion control), practical tips for effective preparation, long-term Fat-Loss strategies, top tips for short-term progress, along with sample meal ideas to help you with your shopping list and daily meal planning.

There is nothing complicated or fancy about Fat Loss. This eBook will help you to see Fat Loss in a very simple way, and encourage you to make the necessary and practical changes you need to see the results that you desire.