Small Group Personal Training at EXCAPE

At EXCAPE, high performance meets community values. EXCAPE constantly ask themselves the same questions around how an industry and a lifestyle they cherish could find itself so tarnished by a one-size-fits-all model.

A model which has no room for education, guidance or community. How monetary gains, either through elitist personal training costs, or mass over-subscription approaches, could become so overwhelmingly valued over the vocation of bringing health, wellness, confidence and awareness to a community of like minded people.

Would you like to reap the benefits and attention to detail of 1-1 coaching but in a supportive and motivating community dynamic and for 1/6 of the price of Personal Training?

If so, Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) could be the perfect fit for YOU. At EXCAPE, we offer you a uniquely personal approach that allows us to deliver the detail of 1-1 coaching but in a friendlier, more supportive and motivating setting. Our members have  proven that surrounding yourself with other members, who are on their own goal journeys and are experiencing the everyday challenges of home and work life, helps you to push yourself and give the extra 10% you didn’t know you had. We want to bring expert coaching to general population in an affordable way.

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What is SGPT?

Our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) brings together a maximum of six members, to one coach, to experience the same tailored and hands-on attention you would receive at a one to one premium personal training session, but with the encouragement, empowerment and accountability of a support system.

Why Choose SGPT at EXCAPE ?

The unique relationships and experiences that come from SGPT are the reason behind many of the transformations in our clients health and wellbeing which our members accredit to our personalised approach, attention to detail and the time we take to get to know and understand each and every member. 

We bridge the gap between Premium Personal Training and classes - we give you personal attention, instruction, encouragement and the tools to progress your training routine, whilst offering the motivation of working out with a small group of members. Our SGPT sessions are 45 minutes long and run at a variety of times in the morning and evening, from 6am-12:00 and 4-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday, in both studios.

EXCAPE SGPT sessions are also provided online, through Zoom, with the same level of service and attention to detail from a dedicated EXCAPE coach,  that you would receive in the studio.

There is literally nowhere to hide - our Small Group Personal Training Sessions are small, tiny in fact and are led by one of our dedicated and experienced EXCAPE coaches. Catering for 6 members, there isn’t the usual packed gym class of 30 sweating bodies. We see you, We hear you and We guide you, every step of the way whilst giving you that extra push you didn’t know was in you. 

Train around your lifestyle and your pocket - finding the time to train can be difficult without making the conscious decision to schedule time for yourself. We offer greater flexibility to our members through our easy to use EXCAPE app with sessions, days and times to suit all lifestyles and affordable membership options, bookable in the palm of your hand.
Our Small Group Training sessions will empower you to be the best version of yourself. 

Our SGPT Sessions bring you:

Coaches who are experienced. Our coaches have delivered real health, fitness and lifestyle results for our members through Small Group Personal Training sessions, by simply getting to know each member and understanding their own individual journey and by keeping the sessions centered around the basics that are easy to follow but tailored in strength to each individual’s goal.

Accountability to be your best. Our committed coaches and supportive community will hold you accountable to be the best version of yourself, to reach your limit and push beyond what you thought was possible, whilst you embrace the journey along the way.

Fun in an affordable environment. Avail of all the benefits of Premium Personal Training at a more affordable cost, all while having some fun and competitiveness in a friendly and safe training environment. 

Flexibility. Our SGPT sessions are 45 minutes long and run at a variety of times in the morning and evening, from 6am-12:00 and 4-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday, in both studios. SGPT sessions can be booked at ease, through our EXCAPE app once you sign up.

Some Example Sessions ...


Strength training is an important and vital part of any fitness routine. It helps make you stronger,  builds muscle endurance and improves your overall health. Strength training is accessible to everyone and is not limited to the intimidating weightlifting section of a gym. At EXCAPE, our strength training sessions focus on compound movements that will transfer into your everyday life and help you to feel and move better than ever before. Each and every personal training session will have some movement patterns that focus on the main compound movements.

We do this in strength blocks, working with you and guiding at your level through fun and challenging exercise variations to improve and develop your strength as you become healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident. 

The many benefits of Strength Training include:

  • Burn more calories, even after you finish exercising.
  • Build strength
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Raise energy
  • Fight stress
  • Improve posture and balance

At EXCAPE, you will be provided with the help and guidance that you need to progress towards your goals in a safe and encouraging manner and through a variety of movements and modalities to ensure that your strength training remains challenging but also fun.

SGPT Working out


Body condition classes are excellent at targeting your whole body, using lots of different muscles to strengthen, shape and tone whilst improving endurance, increasing flexibility and establishing a balanced, stable physique. 

Our 30-40 minute conditioning classes are designed to improve every day functionality and cardiovascular fitness through a multitude of training methods, with the aim of helping our clients to feel healthier and happier after every session. 

EXCAPE’s conditioning model offers progressions and regressions in every session to ensure that all members can participate and work towards individual fitness goals, regardless of their ability and experience.

Sweat sessions at EXCAPE are sweaty experiences. They are an intensive and energetic workout with high intensity and low impact, designed to make you sweat and burn calories, with the aim of improving your metabolic rate and body composition. 

EXCAPE MyZone classes run exclusively for those that use Myzone fitness trackers. The Myzone MZ-3 belt is an innovative, wearable heart rate based system that accurately monitors physical exertion through heart rate readings.

During your EXCAPE session, MyZone will continuously monitor your heart rate, calories and total time exercising with a focus on providing real-time, instant feedback and a store of all your workout summaries, so you can get the most out of your sessions.

MyZone belts can be used throughout all of your EXCAPE training sessions but our brand new ‘MyZone Remote class’ has recently become one of our most popular accessory sessions.

MyZone MZ-3 Belt



Being able to move our bodies in the way they were intended, without restriction, creates efficient movement. For athletes, this leads to bigger lifts, higher jumps, and increased speed. For the majority of our members,  it means improved posture, better movement, increased circulation and relaxation.

By achieving better strength gains and flexibility, it helps to prevent injury and reduces stiffness in your joints and muscles but ultimately makes you feel more comfortable. 

Incorporating this class into your routine can teach you how to walk taller, to move freely, be more confident in your ability to challenge yourself and push beyond your limits. 

“Smile, breathe, take it slow, and live a happy life” Johnny Lung


While stretching may not be the most exciting activity on the menu when it comes to exercise, it’s actually one of the most important factors in reaching our fitness goals and allows us the time to focus on more than just the physical aspects of fitness. At EXCAPE, we focus on holistic health and well-being and put a lot of time into developing the mental fitness of our members.

Our EXCAPE Stretch and Exhale class begins with a guided meditation to calm and focus your mind followed by slow and soothing movements that help you switch off from the stressors of everyday life.

The experienced EXCAPE coaches will help you to understand the importance of correct breathing techniques to help the body enter a state of calm and focus. From there, you will be brought through a series of movements that allow you to move, stretch and to get the most out of your body.

From helping our bodies to feel and act younger for longer to reducing fatigue and stress, a good stretch and exhale will have your body feeling recharged and ready to take on the next steps toward your fitness goals.

SGPT Working out

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1 to 1 Personal Training

Working out can be challenging. It can take a serious amount of determination to turn up and focus the mind to reach your goals. Having your very own EXCAPE Coach by your side can really eliminate decision fatigue and help to provide the structure on your fitness, encourage you and hold you accountable as you improve your health and overall fitness. 

Whilst Small Group Training is our primary focus at EXCAPE, as we believe it is most effective for our members, we do offer 1-1 personal training, a great fit for busy professionals and people who require a more customised approach and are interested in 100% personal attention. 

With our 1-1 Personal Training you will have a dedicated coach who will:

- Create a goal orientated fitness regime that will support and encourage you on your fitness journey.
- Offer invaluable coaching and advice to help you perfect your exercise technique and minimise risk of injury.
- Support you & hold you accountable as you reach your goals
- Find a routine that works with your lifestyle and ensuring you’re spending your time at the gym wisely.
- Set realistic targets so that you’re motivated to do and achieve more