5 Elements of a Good Coaching Experience!
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Welcome back to our second blog from The Game Plan.

How do you know what good coaching is?

Check out these elements that our partner Stephen, Performance, Leadership and Team coach, has shared with us below.

5 Elements of a Good Coaching Experience

For those who haven’t experienced coaching, or perhaps haven’t connected with a coach -here are five elements that indicate a quality environment.


A great coach will provide a space that is about you - the coachee, not them, the coach. Thistakes managing their own ego, but also a deep compassion and care for the people they areworking with. You will have the opportunity to talk about, explore, think, reflect on theareas that you choose, no one else. It’s the coaches’ role to facilitate the conversation andto elicit the discussion, but it is yours to drive.

Safe and Being Heard

The first hurdle is rapport, the relationship. Not every coach is the right fit for every person,and it is extremely important that you and the coach have the opportunity to go separateways if you don’t click. You will feel connected, understood and comfortable with yourcoach - someone who ‘gets you.’ Every coaching relationship is also confidential - and it iscritical to the interaction that you feel safe to be authentic, to be honest, and that you areopen to exploring your thinking, your beliefs and new ideas.


A coach is not someone that can address deep psychological trauma. Any coach operatingwith proper ethics will facilitate you to find the appropriate mental health, or otherprofessional support if it is required. This does not mean anything is off the table, quite thecontrary, a great coach will take the time to learn about you and your journey, yourinfluences and your stories. However, they will also be helping you to take control of yourown narrative and look forward by design rather than allowing things to happen to you beaccident.

Adaptable and Skilful Facilitation

What you want, and what you decide that you require is ultimately the coaches’ job tofacilitate. You may want to establish clarity in your life, career path or thinking. You maywant someone to listen to you and help you make sense of it. You may want a trustedpartner to challenge you or to be held accountable. You may not be sure what you want! Agreat coach will be able to facilitate you no matter how you are showing up.

Flexible and Individual Relationship

What works for one, does not work for another. Some people like to work weekly, othersprefer the pace of one session every two months, so they can move mountains in between.Face to face is great, but audio only allows a deep focus on thinking and language. Zoom ispreferred by some who love seeing facial responses, and my personal preference is to coachwhile walking - on the phone or with someone, as blending thinking with exercise, andnature is hugely powerful. The most important thing here, is that the agreement betweenyou and your coach is one that suits you.

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