5 Simple Tips for Planning
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Hey guys,

Welcome back to our blog. New season, New month, New Goals?

September is almost like a fresh start for many people getting back into a routine after the "holiday mode" weeks/months in the summer. Often we all have big hopes, dreams, and general tasks we want to complete. Unless we action them, they don't happen.That goes for the simplest things. Whether it is a goal of weight loss, improving your lifestyle, completing a Masters, getting a mortgage, improving your daily habits, or perhaps making more fresh meals.We don't know about you guys, but we never got a manual on "How to Adult"😅We decided to share some tips that we find helpful here at Excape that will hopefully be of value to you guys too.

5 Simple Tips For Planning Towards Your Goals:

1. Take a Look at the Bigger Picture.

As we are entering the final quarter of 2020, take a look at the next 4 months.What do you want to achieve over these four months? Perhaps you want to look at the larger picture of the next year, until September 2021. Each individual is unique in how they like to plan. 4 months may seem like a long time so perhaps you want to start by looking at what you want to achieve in 1 month. The same principle applies.Once you determine your big goals we can start to break them down into actionable activities to achieve your yearly/quarterly/monthly goal.We find the old school method of taking pen to paper and doing a braindump of all your ideas can be a great starting point.

2. Break it Down.

For example. Take a look at September. You have 30 Days (28 left).Pick two-three (or your desired number of goals) you would like to achieve over the course of the next 4 weeks.What do you need to do over the next 4 weeks to achieve that goal?Now break that down into what you need to do weekly.We find looking at the "bigger rocks" for the week, helps us then to break it down into our daily activities.

3. 3 Priorities For the Day.

Once you have determined your bigger rocks for the week, we suggest taking 2 minutes in the morning(or the night before) to write down 3 Priorities you have for the day ahead.This allows you to manage your time towards what needs to get done today to work towards achieving your weekly goals.

4. Be Realistic.

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and put in the work. We do suggest being realistic about your goals and priorities. If we make an unrealistic list of tasks to get completed in one day, we can get deflated.Be strategic about your day and tick off your 3 Priorities.As we mentioned before, we are all unique. Some of us find, getting the "big rocks" ticked off first gives us a sense of achievement for the day and allows us then to focus on our next tasks. We find these small daily wins are a key component of overall success.

5. Review.

At the end of the day review how it went. If you didn't get your 3 priorities ticked off, you can readjust your day tomorrow to get this done.Review your week to see how you're getting on.What went well? What didn't go so well? What could I do better?You can ask yourself these questions, readjust and improve your process."The road to success is always under construction."This is not the bible however, we find these 5 Simple steps have helped us and we hope they are of benefit to you or someone you know.Stay tuned next week for some more tips to set you up for success this September.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

The Excape TeamđŸ’«