April 2020 @ Excape!
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April 2020

What a month it has been here at Excape. The whole team have been working tremendously hard to bring our Excape community as much fun and add value to their lives right now. We have never experienced a time like this before and each person is going through all sorts of changes, emotions and dealing with unimaginable situations in their lives.Here at Excape, we feel the current situation has brought our community even closer than before. While there are many people finding this time extremely difficult, we are proud to have brought a sense of normality, structure, routine and a social element to their day.Seeing someones face, a friendly smile and a simple conversation have been the highlight of many of our days. Aside from our Online Personal Training platform being a massive success and lifeline for many of our clients we have had a pretty busy schedule with something for all the family to get involved in!

Take a look what has been happening this month:

Every morning and evening we have our Online Coaching. Just like before, our clients can book into whatever time suits them around their new schedule.

Excape Exhale:

This class is a low paced class designed with a focus on stretching, breathing, and relaxation. In these unprecedented times, this class is a fantastic time to slow down, relieve some tension and stress and become more present in the now.

Lunchtime Sweats:

Many people are adapting to working from home and while some people's work schedule is as busy as ever, our lunchtime sweat classes are a great opportunity to get a quick blast during the workday. These classes are a higher intensity session for 30minutes.Both Excape Exhale & Lunchtime sweats are on our timetable every Tuesday & Thursday.

7-Day Step Challenge:

The past few weeks our Excape community have been racking up an incredible amount of steps (within their 2km radius) and gradually increasing their activity levels ?If you’re up for a little challenge this week, why not take part in this weeks step challenge at @excapestudios ? Do your best - it’s not a competition but it has been motivating our community to get moving a little more.

Sourdough workshop:

One of our very talented clients at Excape has a passion for all things baking. We were thrilled when Tom decided to share his passion with the rest of our Excape community and teach us his wonderful ways of baking. The first workshop Tom done was our Sourdough Workshop. For any of you that may not be aware, this is a longer process than just baking some muffins! Tom educated our members and brought them through step by step via zoom and connected with them throughout the week. This was a brilliant experience for those interested. His patience and ever professional manner was evident throughout.

Excape Games Night

On Friday 10th April we held our first virtual Excape Games Night. Quiz master, Coach Andy kicked it off with a pop quiz style theme where the whole family and friends of the Excape community could get involved. There were plenty of laughs, lots of wine and beer and a great night's craic all from the safety of our homes ?


On Friday 17th, Coach Rebecca brought a fun-filled Friday to our homes with a beginners Zoomba class. Many of us have never tried Zumba before so it was great chance to get our bodies moving, have a laugh and get the whole family involved for some Friday fun! The kids loved it!

Official Partnership with Nutrikate:

We launched our official partnership with Nutrikate. We are very excited to bring you all some quality and useful nutrition tips on a bi-weekly basis on our blog from the professional team at Nutrikate. Read full blog here.

The Excape Team will doing a Takeover Thursday over on Nutrikate's Instagram on Thursday 30th of April so be sure to check it out!

Setting yourself up while working from home:

While many of our clients are working from home instead of the office, in most cases we are not set up correctly. Our official partners at Reflex Phsyiotherapy brought an informative workshop to our clients on how to set yourself up for success while working from home.

With Workplace Wellness Day ahead of us this Friday, we will be bringing you a valuable blog together with our partners from Reflex Physiotherapy with some guidelines on how to set your workspace up at home. Stay tuned!

New Team Member:

We are delighted to introduce our newest, extremely talented, and passionate coach Sarah to Excape.

Read more about Sarah here.


We are thrilled to have Sarah apart of the Excape team. Sarah is an amazing dancer who will be coaching our Live Dance-Fit class every Friday at 1pm. If you're interested in joining in our Dance-Fit class, or would like to get the kids involved for a Friday boogie and keep them entertained for a while, check out our Facebook page every Friday at 1pm.

Cookie Baking with Tom:

Following from Tom's Sourdough workshop, Tom held a cooking baking session on Friday 24th April. Each person designed their cookies to their acquired taste. We are still drooling here!!! Check out some of the delicious treats here

This coming Friday 1st May we have a Banana Bread baking session with Tom so pop over to our Instagram to see how that goes!!

Excape Games Night 2.0:

We held our second virtual games night on Friday 24th April. The Quiz maestro even had a little half time challenge for us to keep us entertained. A great night had by all. We have an intelligent bunch here in the Excape community.

#Phase 3 of our Online Personal Training Programme:

On Monday 27th April we launched Phase 3 of our Online Training Programme. This carefully designed programme is created for our clients to gain maximum benefit training from home. It is structured so that their strength and technique is on point ahead of our studio re-opening.

EXCAPE Book Club

We are very excited about the launch of our Excape Book Club. Full blog on all the details about the EXCAPE Book Club here."Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are."If you would like to discover, discuss, share and explore you can get involved here. Feel free to share with friends and family.

Needless to say, there has been something for pretty much everyone here at Excape to get involved in, outside of their Online Personal Training sessions.We are extremely grateful to have such a supportive community of people around us and would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.While we are working exceptionally hard behind the scenes, with the core focus being the reopening of the studio as soon as it is safe to do so, we have some exciting plans in the schedule for you over the coming weeks.Stay Safe - Stay Strong - Stay HealthyThe Excape Team💫