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We hope you are all keeping safe and well this Tuesday afternoon.

Here at Excape, our community is made up of incredible individuals of all ages and backgrounds. One thing we all have in common is our willingness to live a healthier, better lifestyle. We are all unique and each individual has their own interests. Often we may not express these interests in our time training together.

Over the past few weeks, many of the Excape community have found themselves reading a lot more books. Some of our coaches and clients have been recommending books to each other that they have read, a snippet on what it's about, and what they got from it. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to launch the EXCAPE Book Club.

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are"

Have you ever wondered what Mary likes to read?

Have you been reading the same genre of books for a while, would like to branch out but not quite sure if you'll like it?

Have you ever read a book and took something from it that you felt someone else could benefit from but didn't have the platform to share it?

We have created a private Facebook group for our Excape community and for anyone who is interested in sharing, discussing, and or reviewing a book they have read. We will do a blog here on a couple of books per month so you can get an overview of what we have been reading.

How to get involved:

All you have to do is click here and request to join the group. You can invite friends, family, work colleagues or anyone you feel would be interested in or would benefit from this group. You can post a picture with as much or as little as you want to share about that book on this group. With regards to the blog that we will be posting here, see below for the guideline on how it will work.

How it works: (Just some guidelines)

Book Recommendation Prompts:

1. Title and Author

2. Brief Summary: Fiction/Non Fiction/Self Improvement etc and optionally a brief description of what it’s about.

3. Why you’re recommending it: Again, optional but we love the personal touch! Did it change your perspective on something, make you think differently, or appreciate something you hadn’t before? Did you change something in your life because of it or did it just make you smile?

4. Favourite or memorable quote: Totally optional but these definitely help a suggestion to stand out. When you read the book and find them it’s always a nice touch too!

One of our lovely members here at Excape has got the ball rolling and sent us in a book a review already:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Description:Non-Fiction/Self Improvement.

The clue is in the name - this one is all about your habits! We all have things we wish we did more of or less of and yet frustratingly can’t seem make it happen. This book has some great strategies on how to build the good habits and break the bad ones without the need for drastic immediate change to your lifestyle which often cause us to abandon our plans before they ever really get off the ground. There’s a strong psychological focus in here, it breaks down why we do, what we do, as often as we do and teaches you how to make this work to your advantage.

Why am I recommending it?I personally took a lot from Atomic Habits. I so often ask myself why I did something or didn’t do something when I knew it went against what I wanted for myself. I actually joined Excape after reading this book! I knew I wanted to incorporate more exercise, particularly strength training into my lifestyle, but went from one week to the next without doing anything. Two of the (many) tricks in here are to1)Set a time and place for whatever it is you want to do – hello Excape bookingapp! and

2) Be accountable – if you don’t turn up someone will know! There are way more ways I can apply the content but this alone definitely made the book worth reading.

Memorable Quote:

"A habit must be established before it can be improved. If you can’t learn the basic skill of showing up, then you have little hope of mastering the finer details. Master the art of showing up."

We look forward to sharing this experience with you all and hope you find it useful.

The Excape Team💫