February Challenge!
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This week at Excape we kicked off our February Challenge. As many of you know, we promote a long term healthy lifestyle here at Excape. Why a 30 Day Challenge?

There comes a point in your life when there is a surge needed.This is a time where you go all-in with all the intensity you can bring to focus on creating the life or situation you want. Surges can last a few weeks, months or a surge can last up to a year.When you surge, you focus, create, and change your world. Surging is about committing with 100% intensity to something deeply important in your life for a short period of time, with the goal to master it or create something new.

This is when you get yourself into the best shape of your life, break through a plateau, create a new future for yourself or make a strong personal change in your life.The key question you need to ask yourself is, are you willing to go completely out of balance and go all in? Are you ready to surge?

We are not here for the short game or quick fixes by any means. If you have been following our journey at Excape you will be aware we are here for the long run.

Our 30 Day Challenge booklet that each of our members has received as part of our February Challenge has been created to help them surge. To make those changes that get them out of balance, to create a healthier, better lifestyle for the long run.

The tools and strategies that we offer do not just affect our member's fitness journey. We look at the bigger picture and delve into the areas which we feel are important and have an overall impact on your wellbeing.Over the course of the week, our coaches have been educating each member on how to get the most out of our February challenge. This time is priceless to focus on what each individual wants to achieve on their journey.

To celebrate the first week of our February Challenge we want to give you and a lucky friend a chance to experience what we do at Excape.

The Prize will include: Our 30 Day Challenge Booklet, a 1-1 Consultation and One Week Personal Training at Excape for you and a friend!! You do not want to miss out on this!!! Enter our competition here on facebook or Instagram.The winner will be announced Monday 10th February.We look forward to digging deeper with our clients over the next 30 days to help them progress in the direction of their goals and making a positive impact on their lives."Helping Ordinary People Achieve Extra-ordinary things"The Excape Team ?