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Happy Friday Guys!

Have you ever made an assumption? Assumed what someone else is thinking or thinks of you? Assumptions are something we make on a daily basis. Have a read of our latest blog from the Game Plan and just have the conversation!

Have the Conversation

Every day, we make assumptions. About the weather, the traffic, how a game might turn out. But we also make assumptions about our partners, friends, family, teammates and colleagues. We even make assumptions about people we don’t know.Often, we make decisions based upon those assumptions, and sometimes our intuition and our ‘gut’ can lead us the right way.Other times, it can hurt us. Particularly if you are someone who experiences negative self-talk “I can’t do this” “I’m not good enough” – you are more likely to avoid opportunities than seek them out.Imagine if you are thinking about going for a promotion, or looking to break into a team – would it benefit you to get all of the information possible before you attempt to try? What if the coach or the manager was looking for someone just like you, but you assumed they were looking for someone different?What decision would you make? Would you miss training that day? Would you not send in your CV, or put in your best effort preparing for an interview? I have had a number of conversations recently where people are sure of what some else is thinking, or even what they think about them:“I don’t want to rock the boat”“I don’t want to come across as arrogant”“But what if they disagree?”Maybe you would benefit from having someone like Wendy Rhoades (from Billions) in your corner? Who helps you get confidence, clarity and courage to act or to ask the question you are lingering on?** Warning - this video contains explicit content **https://youtu.be/KBpeYD1gneYEither way, consider what you are missing out on, or what you might have done because you’ve made an assumption. Consider what might happen if you ask the question? You might find out that some isn’t actually mad at you, or that perhaps they didn’t realise you were available and interested?My old man used to say to me, admitting you have a problem is the first step in dealing with it. Are we likely to make assumptions again? Yes, of course. But if we admit to ourselves that we do, and that we’d either like to make less of them or make more positive assumptions in the future – we might just find opportunities opening up before us. So, have the conversation. Ask the question. Find out. Stop making assumptions.Find Out More: Organise a 30-45-minute session, free of charge with The Game Plan to understand more about yourself, or your teams. Avail of The Game Plan’s special offer for the EXCAPE community. Arrange here: https://calendly.com/the-game-plan/excape-coaching.Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

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