How Neat Is Your Day?
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NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which is all activity we do outside planned exercise.This could be your daily walk with the dog, playing with the kids or even using the stairs instead of the lift.Why is NEAT important for our overall well-being?

Our bodies are made to move and there are 24 hours in the day. Our 3-4 hours a week of planned exercise is great, but don’t underestimate how important it is to move with all those other hours in our week. Not only is getting this extra energy expenditure great for fat loss goals or fitness goals but getting more movement in your day will give you more energy, can help relieve stress, and can enhance your family/social life.

Get out for that walk in the park, kick that football with your kids/grandchildren, take the stairs instead of the lift or dance to your favourite song.Why not start with EXCAPE’s April Step challenge?

Steps are a great way to track your daily NEAT levels as it is recommended we reach 10,000 or more steps daily for health.

This can sound daunting for those of you who currently have quite a sedentary job/lifestyle particularly now that a lot of us may be working from home. So rather than focusing on that big number why not break it down to smaller targets and add 1000 steps per day to your current step count?

Small changes every day can amount to something much bigger over time.

The days are getting longer and brighter and your boots(or runners) were made for walking😉




And most importantly


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