Basic foundations for a good relationship with food - The ABC's
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Laying the basic foundations for a good relationship with food. The ABC’S

Welcome back to the EXCAPE blog everyone. At the start of a new month, many people set new goals, make drastic changes, reach for the stars and if they fall on the moon everything crumbles.

EXCAPE believe having a good relationship with food is a key element to achieving and maintaining long-term goals. Keep it super simple and start by making small positive steps in the direction of your goals.

Here are some guidelines to help you get started:


Keep a diary to track your food, snack and liquid intake for a week. Be honest and don’t leave any details out. This will give you a true reality on what you are consuming, not what you think you are consuming. Honesty and awareness are the best policies when developing a food routine.


Don’t be too extreme and restrictive. Life is for living and food is there to be enjoyed. Accept that food is a part of our social experiences and life. It is there to be
embraced and savoured. We don’t need to have a polarised view on health “An All-in or All-out” way of viewing things. Balance is important and allows for a sustainable nutritional approach. You can get results whilst still living your life with a smile on your face.


There is no magic formula to food. Adhere to the principles consistently over time and you will improve your health and body composition status.
(i) Manage your overall calories
(ii) Eat an adequate amount of protein and healthy fat sources
(iii) Consume lots of fruit and vegetables
(iv) Drink plenty of water.
It’s not rocket Science. Health is accessible to everyone. The challenge is to stay consistent with the right decisions.

(S)Start Simple

To complete a marathon you must take the first step. Improve your nutrition 1 step at a time. Pick one micro-action this week that will positively impact your
food routine. Build on this with a new micro-action each week. Before you know it; these micro-actions will accumulate and you will have engrained a number of effective and sustainable nutrition habits into your lifestyle.

Have a great week everyone!

The EXCAPE Team✨