Meal plan and prep your way to a healthier lifestyle
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Hello Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Welcome to another EXCAPE blog post.

This week we carry on from our planning series. We now have some great tools for planning our year, weeks and months setting macro and micro goals and as last week covered, we also have some great tips for creating your own morning and evening routine with which can really help with happiness and productivity in turn as we know, little by little, can lead to achieving those bigger goals in our plan. This week would like to bring you some more tips and tricks to help save you time and give you a happier and healthier lifestyle.  In today’s blog we will share some simple but effective tips for prepping and planning your meals which can help you make healthier choices, save money and time. Let's dive in!  

Start simple

We recommend starting your meal prepping journey by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. Write down 3 simple healthy dinner recipes and 3 healthy snack ideas; if you are stuck for ideas the amazing Nutrikate (find on instagram @nutrikate_com or ) has many nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you have chosen your meals check to see what ingredients you have at home and write down what you might need. Planning your meals before shopping helps you make healthier choices and avoids food waste.

Invest in quality storage containers

Meal prepping involves cooking your meals in advance and in bulk. This means storing, refrigerating or freezing and reheating food. For this we recommend investing in some good quality food storage containers. Before you make your purchase consider each containers intended use. If you are planning on freezing or microwaving food make sure they are safe for that use.  Glass containers would be recommended for an eco-friendlier choice and they are microwave safe. These are widely available online and in many stores e.g and

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Choose a day and get cooking

For those of you who work Mon-Fri 9-5 the best time to meal prep is usually a Sunday afternoon/evening as you are getting yourself ready for the week ahead. Those of you who work shift work might like to just chose a day that you know you will have an hour or two free. Throw on a podcast or your favourite music playlist and get cooking!  Make sure you batch cook so you can have enough to do you for 3-5 days or even better enough to feed the whole household. Pre-portioning your food is also a great food prep strategy especially if you are aiming to consume less calories. There we have it some simple but effective tips and tricks for eating better, saving time and money!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

The Excape Team💫