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We hope you are all keeping well this Thursday afternoon. We have some exciting news to share with you.

If you have been following Excape for a while, you may have seen our previous post on social media announcing our Official Partnership with NutriKate.

Kate is a well known and highly sought after, health and performance nutritionist. Both Kate and her extensive team of nutritionists have a wealth of knowledge and experience, having studied and worked in many areas over the years.(You can read our previous introductory blog here)We are delighted to be working with Kate and the incredible NutriKate consultancy team. We are thrilled to announce we will be bringing the Excape community a bi-weekly newsletter with quality and light-hearted nutrition information. With health and well-being being crucial at this present time, we feel this will greatly add value to our lives. Are you in??

Check out our first blog for you below

Hello to all of the lovely Excape community,

It's the NutriKate team here, we are Excape's partners in all things nutrition. We've finally gotten our act together to get our bi-weekly newsletter up and running to bring you some light-hearted nutrition info. We'll also keep you in the loop with any exciting news NutriKate might have.

On that note.... Meet Lisa, the newest addition to the NutriKate team!

Hi everyone! If you aren't following us over on instagram (@nutrikate_com) then we might not have met yet. My name is Lisa & I'm the newest member of the NutriKate team. I'm a qualified dietitian, having completed my BSc in Human Nutrition & Dietetics in DIT/Trinity. My background for the most part is in a clinical setting, where I was involved in the nutritional management of chronic diseases e.g. kidney disease and diabetes. While I enjoy the clinical side of things I am sport mad (GAA and basketball fighting for the top spot!) and ever since nutrition came on my radar as a career I always dreamed of incorporating the two, so I'm thrilled that I have the opportunity to do so at NutriKate!

This is your forewarning...

We are about to get a whole lot more active here with bi-weekly greetings and nutritional tips which the lovely crew at Excape are going to share with you! If you want to suss us out a bit more, please click the here to visit our website.We look forward to sharing our content with you, hopefully it'll help lighten the strange times we live in!Much love,The NutriKate teamYou can check out some of NutriKates social platforms here:TwitterFacebookInstagram

We look forward to working closely with the professional NutriKate team and adding value to your life with some useful health & nutrition tips. Stay tuned for the next blog.

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