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With the recent pandemic here in Ireland and across the globe, we are all doing our best to adapt to the situation. Here at Excape, we believe that trying our best to maintain structure and routine to your day will help to keep some sense of normality in our lives.Transitioning from early morning commutes to perhaps hitting the snooze button a little longer, or from working in your office to being at home with your kids and spouse and not getting a moment's peace can have an impact on many areas, from emotions to the structure and routine of your day.

Health and well-being have never been so important.

At Excape, the model and system that we have based all our success from is Semi-Private Personal Training, with an enormous focus on attention to detail.

We have developed and designed our very own system of Online Personal Training. We are now delivering an almost identical system to the one we designed for our studio. We base all our sessions off a maximum coach to member ratio of 1:4 which ensures the highest possible quality of coaching and training. In addition to this, we provide our members with accountability, structure, guidance and individual coaching and programming.The only difference is that there is a screen between us and our members.

Having an EXCAPE from everything that is going on around us will play a major role in your well-being.Have you noticed yourself consuming constant media updates, negative news, looking after those around you and not looking after yourself?Having a routine, structure and a positive environment is a constant here at Excape?Make YOU a priority. This EXCAPE from everything else that is going on, will have a positive impact on you and those around you. ?

Honour yourself one hour a day.Boost your moodClear your headFeel fantastic.We feel everyone could benefit from an Excape. We are confident that the service we provide will be of benefit to you or someone you know who wants to look after themselves through these unprecendeted times.Our Excape community is stronger than ever. We understand everyone is missing family and friends at these times and having a laugh and some fun amidst all what's going on around us, is good for the soul. We have some exciting things lined up for our members over the next few weeks. To check out what we get upto and for some positivity in your day, check out our social media @excapestudios.Our friendly team are ready to empower you. Take control and get in touch today for more information or to try out a FREE Online Personal Training session for yourself. You've got nothing to

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