Tips for Habit
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What small changes have you made daily that have had a huge impact on your life?☺️Have you been chasing a goal for years and not making time to work on the systems that lead you there?Do you know that it can be easy to become 1% better each day if you decide to implement one positive change every day?A popular book amongst the EXCAPE Community is James Clear “Atomic Habits”.Here are some key learnings:An Atomic Habit is a small, what some might think insignificant, change to your daily life when consistently implemented becomes an automatic behaviour and amounts to something much bigger over time. Think where 1% daily change for the better would lead to in a month or 3 or a year?This could be: switching to a healthier breakfast that could help lead to a healthier relationship with food and contribute to a fat loss goal.3 mins of meditation on your lunch break could lead to better relationships, more focus in work , to better self-awareness/confidence.Getting out for a 10 min walk daily could eventually lead to achieving your first 5k.Attending your first Personal Training session could result in you achieving things you never thought possible.

Here are the FOUR LAWS OF HABIT CHANGE and on how to build a new habit:

  • Make it obvious- reminder on phone, set a time and/or date, pairing with existing habit (habit stacking)
  • Make it attractive-make it fun, simple to do, ask a friend to hold you accountable
  • Make it easy- Create small targets. Rather than focusing on the goal focus on one small win to the next.
  • Make it satisfying- Celebrate the process rather than the end goal. Tracking your progress/wins can help with this.

Habit stacking is something that can be a very useful tool to implement this new habit. Habit stacking is the pairing of a new habit with an old one.For example:When you take your work shoes off after your shift(existing habit) put on your workout shoes(new habit), when you turn your alarm off in the morning take your vitamins(new habit). Even relationships can benefit from this for example when you sit down for dinner (existing habit) with your loved one you will ask about their day(new habit).Choosing a time and place for your new chosen habit is also very important too. Rather than saying “I will go for a run tomorrow” try “tomorrow when I arrive home from work at 4pm I will take off my work shoes, put on my running shoes and go for a 20 min run”. A detailed plan can really help you follow through with your intentions.EXCAPE has the belief and it’s has been shown through the results of the EXCAPE members that small changes made everyday in nutrition, exercise and NEAT levels amount to amazing achievements that leads you to become the best version of yourself🤗The EXCAPE Team